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Residential Excavation & Grading Services
Horst Excavating & Equipment offers general Excavation & Grading Services. This includes any projects like regrading your lawn, leveling a shed pad, fixing drainage issues, building rock walls, and etc. We will be happy to help with your project!
Foundation Excavation
Horst Excavating & Equipment offers foundation excavating services from start to finish. We excavate foundations for houses, garages, and other buildings as well as backfilling and final grading to your property.
Driveway Construction
Horst Excavating & Equipment also specializes in driveway installations and repairs. When it comes to driveways, the grade is essential for durability. If the grade is not correct, the driveway will not be able to withstand the elements and will eventually start to fail. We take the time to grade your driveway correctly the first time so that it can last for a long time.
We Specialize in Excavation Services
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